FlyFishRC M10 Mini GPS Module

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FlyfishRC-M10 Mini is a GPS that is small in size, fast in speed, and easy to use. It features an 12*12mm RHCP ceramic patch antenna that provides excellent reception and highly stable connectivity. The UBLOX 10th generation chip allows for skipping minor changes in altitude, improving stability.

GPS Module Protocol: Ublox/NMEA
Speed Accuracy: 0.05m/s
Cold Start: 30 s
Hot Start: 1-3 s
Tracking Sensitivity: -167dBm
Input Voltage: 3.3~5.5V (typical value 5V)
Maximum Altitude: 50000m
Maximum Speed: 500m/s
Maximum Acceleration: ≤4G
Baud Rate: 4800-115200bps (recommended 115200bps)
GPS Module Size: L16.2x W12.3x H4.9mm
GPS Ceramic Size: 12*12mm
Weight: 2.4g (±0.5g)

Pin Definition:
VCC: System main power supply, voltage is 5V, current is about 40mA during operation
GND: Ground
RXD: Data input
TXD: Data output

1x FlyFishRC M10 Mini GPS Module
1x Battery strap GPS Mount
4x #30 Silicone Cable
1x GPS Manual

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Philipp Scholler
Not the best, but for its price good enough

It works fine for its price!!

Shivganesh Bhaleka
Don't buy this gps in you life

Don't waste your time andmoney on this gps, it's totaly junk

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FlyFishRC M10 Mini GPS Module
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