7-in-1 FPV Hex screwdriver Kit

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This 7 in 1 Hex/Phillips driver kit basically meets your fpv build and repair needs.
It is small and easy to carry.

Product:7-in-1 FPV Hex screwdriver Kit
Size: H1.5/H2.0/H2.5/H3.0/H4.0/8.0Box/PH1.0
Handle body length: 122mm
Overall length:209mm
Weight(Whole Set): 147.2g

1x 8.0mm Nut Driver for M5 nut
1x 1.0mm Cross Screw driver
1x 1.5mm Hex Screwdriver
1x 2.0mm Hex Screwdriver
1x 2.5mm Hex Screwdriver
1x 3.0mm Hex Screwdriver
1x 4.0mm Hex Screwdriver
1x Plastic Case


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7-in-1 FPV Hex screwdriver Kit
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