Flash 1404 4500KV FPV Motor

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The FlyFishRC Flash 1404 Motor uses the Uni-Bell structure design providing high crash-resistance while not adding more weight, providing high reliability and explosive power and thrust for FPV pilots at an affordable price.

During months of design, testing and improvement before mass production and testing help of FPV pilots from around the globe, we are now proud to release these excellent motors, that combine top notch performance, slick look, reliable structure and color schemes.

The overall use of high-quality materials and sturdy structural design, NMB bearings with N52SH heat resistant magnets, up to 220 ° high heat resistant copper wire ensures top level performance and a much longer lifespan.

High-quality 7075 Unibell bells make the motors even more durable. We haven’t forgotten about appearance! Stunning minimalist color schemes paired with a matte texture deliver smoothness and power with just enough responsiveness and controllable precision to fly. These motors give that unforgettable feeling of being locked in!    

The gray-purple series is produced with a delicate matte surface treatment process for even better visual aesthetics of the motor. The two-color matte texture is extremely difficult to manufacture compared to the regular process and we were able to overcome the difficulties and make it mass-producible. At present, FlyFishRC is the first company to have accomplished that.

With fast response speed and sufficient power, The Falsh 1404 motor is specially designed for ultra-light toothpick builds.

If you've been looking for a high-quality motor, Flash motor is definitely a good choice.

-Frosted Matte Unibell Design
-High strength titanium alloy shaft and 7075 aluminum
-Ingenious non-slip structure of the prop seat
-220°high temperature resistant copper wire
-NMB imported bearings and N52SH magnets
-Thickened motor base and a wire outlet protection braces
-High-precision manufacturing and assembly process
-Strict dynamic balance and performance QC

- Model: Flash 1404 (gray&purple)
- KV: 4500KV
- Input Voltage: 3-4S Lipo
- Configuration: 9N12P
- Shaft Diameter: 1.5mm
- Motor dimensions (Dia *Len): 19.3*15.5MM
- Weight: 8.7g with short wire
- Wire length: 24AWG 120mm
- Mounting pattern: 9*9mm

1x Flash 1404 Motor
1x Hardware Set

Customer Reviews

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Epic motors

Been using the 2306 flash motors on my 5 inch quads (both volador frames) so decided to give the 1404 a shot on my 3 inch volador build . Got to say I'm impressed . Fast delivery and the motors themselves are awesome . Super powerful at 4500kv and the color scheme look great .
Would highly recommend 👌 10 out of 10

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Flash 1404 4500KV FPV Motor
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