FlyFishRC M10QMC-5883L GPS Module

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The FlyfishRC-M10QMC is a small size, fast positioning, easy-to-use GPS. It adopts 18*18mm RHCP ceramic patch antenna that provides excellent reception capability and a highly stable connectivity. The built-in QMC5883L high-precision magnetometer provides precise azimuth pointing.Ideal for use with FPV drones, multi-rotors, fixed wing and other model products.

GPS module: FlyFishRC M10QMC-5883L GPS Module
Frequencies: 72 channel
Refresh Rate: 10 Hz
Compass module: QMC5883L
Baud Rate:4800bps-115200bps (Default - 9600bps)
Sensitivity: Tracking: -162dBm, Capture: -160dBm,Cold Start:-148dBm
Accuracy:  Horizontal <2.5m average), SBAS < 2.0m average, Timepulse: RMS 30 ns
Cold start: <24s
Hot start: <2s
Maximum height: 50000m
Maximum speed: 500 m/s
Speed accuracy: 0.05 m/s
Maximum acceleration: ≦ 4G
Input Voltage: 3.3V-5V,current 25mA
Output Connector: SH1.0-6P
Weight: 8.8g
GPS pin definition: RX/TX UART
Compass pin definition: SDA/SLA
GPS patch antenna size: 18 x 18 mm
Total dimensions:20 x 20 x 11 mm

-72 channel 10 Hz Refresh rate
-Built-in TCXO crystal and farad capacitor for faster hot start
-High sensitivity 18x18mm GPS patch antenna
-SH1.0-6Pin terminal design, no soldering required.
-QMC5883L Magnetometer chip,Precise pointing

1x FlyFishRC M10QMC GPS Module
1x SH1.0-6Pin Cable
1x SH1.0 Connector
1x GPS Manual

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Customer Reviews

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chris walker
Missing parts for my drone

I'm missing a key stone and a bag of washers for my vx6 valdor also I'm missing a GPS TPU holder

Clayton Angstadt

After trying almost every GPS on the market. I have Fond that the M8QMC is the only GPS to perform as advertised. Normally GPS take for ever to get lock and to stay locked. After testing found the lock after a move to a new location, the GPS would be locked before I can get fully set up and armed. Hands down one of the best!

Andrea Finadri

Ottimo sito e prodotti di grande qualità. Acquisterò sicuramente ancora

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FlyFishRC M10QMC-5883L GPS Module
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